Cloud Migration

Our team has migrated hundreds of critical workloads to, from and within public, private and hybrid cloud environments

We'll design an appropriate migration strategy based on your applications, databases, storage, physical and virtual servers.

Cloud Solutions For Any Application

Infrastructure Migration

Our experts will identify and help build plans to transform and migrate legacy applications and databases for the cloud.

Platform Migration

Spacifi has hands-on-experience in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms. We provide insight throughout every phase.

Email Migration

We transfer all contacts, calendars, public folders and even auto complete files. Entire mailboxes are copied and synced with production data, so when the cutover happens there is no loss of email and users have a great experience.

Data Migration

Spacifi's Unified Data Migration Framework is a standardized, repeatable, and reusable platform to enable end to end Data Migrations.

Application Migration

Transform by moving forward into the world of digital. Spacifi ensures a seamless, smooth transition of your existing applications to the cloud.


We conduct live video sessions to introduce users to their new cloud environment. We conduct as many training sessions as necessary to ensure that users feel comfortable and are ready to work on the day of going live.

FAQs About Phox Cloud Hosting


What is the difference between a cloud server and a dedicated server?

The UnitedHosting Cloud comprises of a very large cluster of servers all working together, each contributing processing power, memory (RAM), Disk I/O and storage space to the Cloud Resource Pool (CRP). Your cloud server utilises resources from any number of these servers at any point in time. This means you are not reliant on any one single server like a traditional dedicated machine would. Hardware failure is no longer a cause of downtime, and because you can pull resources from any number of servers at once, you can scale up and down very easily and without downtime!

How quickly can I upgrade my server?

Your server can be upgraded or downgraded in just a couple of minutes. If you operate a site which has large fluctuations in traffic such as a seasonal e-commerce store which spends half the year busy and the other quiet then our cloud is perfect as it allows you to purchase resources only when you need them, and scale back and save money when you don't, all without the extended downtimes of traditional server upgrades/downgrades.

Can I use all the resources I pay for?

As with all UnitedHosting products we do not oversell or oversubscribe our cloud infrastructure. We do not use words like 'shared' or 'burstable' when describing our cloud hosting because all the resources you are quoted are 100% dedicated to your cloud server.

Can I scale up my cloud server?

Yes, you can scale up your cloud server to a larger configuration anytime you wish. If you would like to scale up your server, please do so from the control panel. Scale down option is currently not available.